What is PHRS Service?

Personal Health Record System (PHRS) is a free* e-health solution that eliminates the problems associated with paper-based medical record management on the patient side. PHRS offers users robust ways to securely capture, store and self-manage their medical information, for easy retrieval during consults, which results in better care.

Digital Health Solution
Provided by Speaking IT Canada, in collaboration with SITNigeria, PHRS is a unique solution that enables users to actively participate in their health care by giving them the control of their own medical record management. Are you tired of losing your medical records due to rain, termites and loss of paper? Click here now to create a free account!

Income Stream Solution
In addition to being a free service, PHRS offers users a unique opportunity to generate income through referrals. With our liberal commission structure, participating users are able to generate substantial monthly income while making a difference in the lives of others. Click here now to know more about this unique opportunity.

How does PHRS work?

Very simple. You create an account with an email address and you are set to go. Simply log in anytime and add your medical information.

Is PHRS Private?

Yes, all your documents are available only to you per our privacy policy. You control the access yourself. No one else can access your records.

How to generate income?

You create your own passive income stream by referring PHRS service to others. The more people you register, the more money you make.