PHRS Accounts

Personal Health Record Service (PHRS) is an e-health solution designed to eliminate the problems associated with paper-based medical record management on the patient side. Provided by Speaking IT Canada, in collaboration with SITNigeria, PHRS offers users robust ways to securely capture, store and self-manage their medical information, for easy retrieval during consults and particularly during emergencies, when a comprehensive medical information is of utmost importance. Most importantly, PHRS enables users to actively participate in their health care by giving them the control of their own medical record management , which results in better care.

In times of medical emergencies, it is great to know that you have your important private medical information together, you control access to them and securely make them available to your care team.

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Have you ever lost some medical information before due to one reason or another? Do you simply want to have your complete medical information readily available, in times of emergency, when you really need it? Click here to learn more about PHRS and create a free account.

How does PHRS work?

Very simple. You create an account with an email address and you are set to go. Simply log in anytime and start adding your medical information.

Is PHRS Private?

Yes, all your documents are available only to you per our privacy policy. You control the access yourself. No one else can access your records.

Any Employment?

All PHRS Premium Account owners can earn commissions through sales. With our generous commission package, the sky is the limit!