Welcome to SITCanada SalesTeam™!

As you already know, PHRS is changing the way healthcare is delivered in Africa.

You are here because you want to make a difference - in your personal life, the life of others and also your financial life.

As a member of SITCanada SalesTeam™, your contributions change peoples lives and help to provide better care to patients daily, while enabling you to create an unlimited passive income stream for yourself and your loved ones.

Why do we say passive income stream? Simply because once started the engine runs by itself and you continue to get paid month after month, with minimal effort!

How does SITCanada SalesTeam™ work?

SITCanada SalesTeam™ is a unique system that is developed strictly to empower SITHealth PHRS users, by enabling them to create massive income streams through simple sales and referrals! Enrolled SITHealth PHRS users (free users excluded) are empowered to generate appreciable monthly income streams simply by promoting the service and enrolling other SITHealth PHRS users. And because everyone needs SITHealth PHRS, there is no limit to the amount of income anyone can generate. The more people one enrolls, the more money they make! The best part is that you can track all your referrals and income stream through your personal dashboard.

Let's Get You Started!

This is the best time to join SITCanada SalesTeam™ and reserve your top spot! Moreover, with a 30% commission for the first 100,000 registered subscribers, the sky is literally your limit! After this initial baseline, the commission drops to 20% for the next 500,000. This further drops to 10% for the next 1million subscribers! What are you waiting for? Click here now to join SITCanada SalesTeam™ and start earning monthly income in dollars!

The Power of Passive Income Generation

This offers you an opportunity to generate massive passive income on a daily basis by simply working part time and enrolling other PHRS Gold and PHRS Platinum users. PHRS Basic is excluded from this and does not pay out any commission.

Powered by Personal Health Record Service (PHRS)

Our goal is to cover all of Africa, starting with Nigeria, with this robust healthcare application for better care. Our vision is to get the entire Africa fully subscribed by the year 2029. That is 1.216 billion PHRS users! What are you waiting for?